Reimagining Supply Chains

With this initiative, we challenge conventional wisdom and help researchers and practitioners

reimagine supply chains.

Photo by Uriel SC on Unsplash.

Latests Posts and Publications

  • New Report Examines Circular Transformation of Electronic Devices
    A new report, titled “Circular Supply Chain Transformation: Challenges, Opportunities, and Trade-Offs for Circular Smartphones and Computers,” provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges, opportunities, and potential trade-offs for circular electronics.
  • With great power comes great responsibility
    The Reimagining Supply Chains Initiative has been investigating the coffee supply chain with the purpose of examining the political nature of supply chain management (SCM).  Based on 30 interviews with actors from within and around the coffee supply chain, we have examined the mechanisms underlying the political nature of SCM in the coffee industry.
  • The coffee supply chain is becoming more vulnerable
    As a part of the Reimagining Supply Chains Initiative, I am currently working on an article together with Katinka Bjørndal Thomsen, Andreas Wieland and Philip Beske-Janssen concerning the political aspects of supply chain management (SCM). In the article, we seek to bridge political theory and SCM in a way that benefits not just researchers but also the managers of complex supply chains.